Autism Parenting in Los Angeles

When there is a child with special needs in the family, there is so much additional stress placed upon the parents and the couple relationship. How one originally intended to parent may be compromised by the constant flow of input from doctors, therapists, and friends. The reverie of pregnancy may be replaced by all the unknowns of the future and the shift in expectations of one’s child. There is concern around the child not meeting milestones or having disabilities that require extensive care.

One parent may feel that they are doing the bulk of the work while the other may minimize or deny the particular challenges of their child. It can become difficult to just “be” with one’s child without feeling like there is always something to work on, and always having in mind the skills that the child has yet to master. Being in the midst of so much overwhelming input can take away from just enjoying one’s child. I work with individual parents and couples to communicate these intense feelings and bring them together around their shared love of their child.

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